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  Voice Broadcasting Minutes
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PRICING Minutes / Dialer
  $100 = 4,100 (2.4 cents per)
  $200 = 8,700 (2.3 cents per)
  $300 = 13,600 (2.2 cents per)  Smart Call 2.0 Cents Per  15,000
  $400 = 19,000 (2.1 cents per)  Smart Call 1.9 Cents Per   21,000
  $500 = 25,000 (2.0 cents per)  Smart Call 1.8 Cents Per  27,700
  $600 = 31,500 (1.9 cents per)  Smart Call 1.7 Cents Per  35,200
  $700 = 38,800 (1.8 cents per)  Smart Call 1.6 Cents Per  43,750
  $800 = 47,000 (1.7 cents per)  Smart Call 1.5 Cents Per   53,300
  $900 = 56,250 (1.6 cents per)
$1000 = 66,600 (1.5 cents per)

Ringless Voicemail Drop
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Major Credit / Debit Card

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PRICING Ringless Voicemail Drop
  $210 = 3,000 (7.0 cents per)
  $310 = 4,700 (6.5 cents per)   Smart Call 5.5 Cents Per   5,600
  $410 = 6,800 (6.0 cents per)   Smart Call 5.0 Cents Per    8,200
  $510 = 9,200 (5.5 cents per)   Smart Call 4.5 Cents Per  11,300
  $610 = 12,200 (5.0 cents per) Smart Call 4.0 Cents Per  15,250
  $710 = 15,700 (4.5 cents per) Smart Call 3.5 Cents Per  20,200
  $810 = 20,250 (4.0 cents per) Smart Call 3.5 Cents Per  23,100
  $910 = 26,000 (3.5 cents per) a division of Network Marketing Service Inc. Has A Strict NO REFUND POLICY

By completing your payment you agree to our Refund Policy herein below and on our Terms of Service page.

Refund Policy
By placing your order, you agree to the refund policy and phone broadcast policies addendum below.  When becoming a customer of the Site by virtue of making your payment, you understand that any completed purchases or payments are non-refundable as you are granted access to the Site including but not limited to the Site's software, services, training area and other proprietary items made available in your back office provided to you by the Site. You further understand that there are no setup or monthly fees, and that you are paying for services rendered through our dialing platform and/or turnkey services. You understand and agree that payment is accepted through PayPal or Fortune3 by way of USAePay wherein you may make payment with a major debit / credit card or within your PayPal account depending on your chosen payment method.  As such you agree to not file a dispute with your credit / debit card company or PayPal.  All sales are final. Should the need arise, you agree to discuss any concerns regarding lead data delivery directly with a division of Network Marketing Service Inc. It is understood that funds paid for any of our broadcast self managed voice broadcaster minutes or services are made available to you through your back office interface, thusly any unused or abandoned minutes will not be refunded to you. It is your responsibility to utilize the minutes provided in your self managed account. 

Purchaser further agrees to be bound by our Phone Broadcast and Ringless Voicemail Drop Policies Addendum herein noted below and within the private customer login area that is displayed every time the customer logs into the platform which is confirmed by the customer checking three boxes and typing the words "I Accept" into a confirmation field. 

Purchaser agrees to provide the necessary software to access and utilize the website.  (Up to date browser, flash player, Adobe PDF reader and associated hardware.)



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