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TCPA Data Scrubbing Service - Identify and Remove
Known Litigators and Complainers From Your Data

Protect your business from costly TCPA lawsuits and reputational damage with Blacklist Scanner - your robust shield against serial litigators and professional plaintiffs.

At Blacklist Scanner, we understand the immense risk posed by TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs lurking within your contact database. Just one call or text to these individuals can lead to expensive lawsuits, settlements, and significant harm to your brand's reputation.

Introducing Blacklist Scanner - your reliable defense against serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs. Our dynamic database comprises 4,234,485 numbers linked to professional TCPA plaintiffs and attorneys, along with over 2 million litigators from partner aggregators, bringing the total to over 6.2 million known litigators, including our database of 1,624,449 complainers. These individuals, also known as serial litigators, career plaintiffs, or "lawsuit mill" litigators, are the last people you'd want to contact or engage with for any reason. In fact, almost 40% of those who have filed Do-Not-Call, TCPA, FDCPA, or FCRA lawsuits have done so multiple times.

Our Blacklist Scanner acts as a powerful barrier, safeguarding our users from making that one fateful contact that could result in unnecessary legal and financial exposure.

While the Blacklist Scanner significantly reduces the risk of TCPA lawsuits, we recognize that the risk cannot be entirely eliminated. A known litigator may slip through on occasion. Nevertheless, the risk is substantially reduced compared to not taking proactive measures to avoid contacting blacklisted numbers. Marketing without scanning your data is akin to using your computer without high-level virus protection software while connected to the internet.

Safeguard your business today with Blacklist Scanner - the ultimate defense against costly lawsuits and brand damage.


Blacklist Scanner offers marketers, call centers, and debt collectors an effective defense against the relentless menace posed by professional TCPA plaintiffs and attorneys. Our robust firewall system is specifically designed to thwart serial litigators, also known as career plaintiffs or "lawsuit mill" litigators, ensuring your business remains protected.

For those utilizing texting in their marketing campaigns, we strongly recommend scrubbing your contact lists against our comprehensive database of known litigators and complainers. Text-based marketing is rapidly becoming a breeding ground for TCPA litigation, making it crucial to take preventive measures and protect your business from potential legal and financial repercussions.

Choose Blacklist Scanner as your trusted ally in the fight against predatory lawsuits and demand letters, and confidently pursue your marketing campaigns with peace of mind.


Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), companies engaging with consumers via phone calls, texts, or faxes face potential lawsuits with every communication. The TCPA has inadvertently given rise to a multi-million dollar litigation industry where attorneys and consumers profit significantly from forcing well-intentioned companies into exorbitant settlements or risking crippling judgments. This outdated legislation, while initially well-meaning, remains unchanged and continues to fuel a surge of litigation, enabling predatory attorneys and litigious consumers to generate millions of dollars.

In fact, there are career plaintiffs who have crafted step-by-step guides on litigating under the TCPA. A simple Google search for "turning robocalls into cash" yields over a hundred results, showcasing the extent of this issue.  View HERE (opens a new window)

Using automated dialing systems to contact consumers through calls, texts, or faxes exposes businesses to the risk of being sued by individuals alleging a lack of written consent for such communications. With potential damages reaching up to $1,500 per call, the TCPA has become a breeding ground for abuse and a lucrative opportunity for both attorneys and litigious consumers. Protect your business by staying informed and taking proactive measures against these risks.


The Unintended Consequences of the TCPA on Legitimate Businesses

Ironically, a minuscule percentage of lawsuits filed under the TCPA actually target the abusive telemarketers and scammers the legislation was originally designed to combat. Instead, the TCPA inadvertently places any marketer or business in the crosshairs of a burgeoning industry of professional plaintiffs and class action attorneys. These opportunistic individuals have compelled numerous companies to pay out millions of dollars in settlements for frivolous lawsuits that have little merit.

As a result, the TCPA has unintentionally shifted focus from its original purpose, allowing predatory plaintiffs and attorneys to exploit its provisions to their advantage. It is crucial for businesses to be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to safeguard themselves from becoming targets of baseless litigation.


TCPA Litigation Surge: A Call to Action for Businesses

Since 2010, TCPA litigation has skyrocketed by an astonishing 1,273%, turning the legislation into a virtual cash machine for litigious consumers and predatory attorneys. These individuals threaten companies with potential destruction over even the most minor technical violations. As TCPA litigation continues to expand, it poses a real risk of shuttering businesses unless they take proactive steps to remove known litigators from their databases.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, businesses must stay vigilant and actively protect themselves from the ever-growing threat of TCPA litigation. By implementing appropriate measures, such as maintaining updated contact databases and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, companies can minimize their exposure to costly lawsuits and safeguard their operations.


The Rise of Professional Career Plaintiffs in TCPA Litigation

In the realm of TCPA litigation, over two-thirds of all plaintiffs are professional career plaintiffs with a history of filing at least one other lawsuit. Many of these individuals have filed dozens, or even hundreds, of lawsuits, exploiting the system for their own financial gain. Professional plaintiffs actively seed databases with their contact numbers, hoping to receive unsolicited calls that can serve as the basis for their lawsuits.

To propagate their numbers, these career plaintiffs dedicate hours each day to completing online registration forms on various websites. By doing so, they increase the likelihood of receiving unwanted calls or texts, which they can then leverage into lawsuits against unsuspecting businesses.

As this phenomenon continues to grow, it is increasingly important for businesses to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to minimize their exposure to potential TCPA lawsuits initiated by professional plaintiffs. By maintaining updated and compliant contact databases, companies can better protect themselves from falling victim to this predatory practice.

We maintain two databases, allowing you to scrub your data at an affordable cost. 

Our Known Litigator database contains 4,234,485 records. (Litigators and Trolls & Complainers)  

Complainer database contains 1,624,449 records.  

Partner API Providers - Over 2 Million (Aggregated Total Known Litigators, Over 6.2 Million)

All databases are updated on a regular basis, helping our users stay one step ahead of the bottom feeding TCPA litigators. 


Our Blacklist Scanner service reveals its true worth when you discover just how many numbers in your contact lists are flagged as "bad," indicating potential connections to professional TCPA litigators or complainers. By using Blacklist Scanner, you can now confidently and affordably scrub your data, effectively minimizing the risk of inadvertently contacting these predatory individuals.

Don't leave your business vulnerable to costly lawsuits and reputational damage. Leverage the power of Blacklist Scanner to safeguard your company's future and maintain a compliant contact database at a cost-effective rate per record.


The growth of TCPA cases over time paints a striking picture. In 2007, class action attorneys filed a mere 14 TCPA cases. Fast forward to 2015, and that number surged to 3,710, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 70%. What drives this dramatic increase? The disparity in financial payouts between attorneys and consumers tells the story.

On average, attorneys receive a staggering $2.4 million payout for a TCPA class action settlement. In stark contrast, the average consumer recovery from a TCPA class action settlement amounts to just $4.12. This vast discrepancy fuels the exponential growth of TCPA cases, as attorneys and professional plaintiffs continue to exploit the system for their own financial gain.

FCRA REPORTING ACT - Disclaimer / Statement

FCRA: The data provided to you through this service must not be used as a factor in determining a consumer's eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, or any other purposes identified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Our service grants paid customers access to a database of known TCPA litigators (also referred to as serial litigators or career plaintiffs). The numbers in our known litigator database are sourced from public records of complaints filed in courts nationwide, not from credit reporting agencies. (Network Marketing Service Inc., doing business as, is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and does not compile or evaluate information for the purpose of providing consumer reports.)


Included Free - Account Specific DNC Scrubbing & Individual Number Lookup Tool


Enhance Your Protection with Our Account-Specific Do Not Call Module

All active accounts with Blacklist Scanner come equipped with a personalized Do Not Call (DNC) module. This module allows you to add up to two million records to your account-specific DNC database. This way, you can simultaneously scrub your data against both our database of known litigators and complainers as well as your own DNC list, ensuring comprehensive protection for your business.

Maximize compliance and minimize risks by leveraging the power of our account-specific DNC module, included with all active Blacklist Scanner accounts.

Complimentary Single Number Lookup Tool for Added Convenience

Included at no extra cost, our single number lookup tool enables you to check individual numbers one at a time. This powerful feature allows you to scrub individual numbers against both your account-specific DNC list and our database of known litigators and complainers simultaneously. The single number lookup tool is particularly useful for quickly checking the numbers of inbound callers, helping you determine whether you might be communicating with someone on your account-specific DNC list or a known litigator/complainer.

Take advantage of this valuable resource, provided free of charge with a monthly spend of $1,000 or more, and bolster your business's compliance and risk management efforts.


TCPA Data Scrubbing Pricing - Pay as You go Service
NO Monthly Subscription Fees


Package Credits

Cost Per Scrub

Cost for Package

  5,000 Scrubs 0.01 Cents $50  
  10,000 Scrubs 0.009 Cents $90  
  20,000 Scrubs 0.008 Cents $160  
  50,000 Scrubs 0.007 Cents $350  
  100,000 Scrubs 0.005 Cents $500  
  200,000 Scrubs 0.003 Cents $600  
  400,000 Scrubs 0.002 Cents $800  
  600,000 Scrubs 0.0015 Cents $900  
  1,000,000 Scrubs 0.001 Cents $1,000  



Line Type Phone Validation Service

  Discover the Value of Our Line Type Phone Validation Service

Our Line Type Phone Validation Service offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for your data cleaning needs, especially when Network City and Carrier details are not required. This service is ideal for ensuring optimal data hygiene by identifying phone types within your contact list.

For instance, if you run texting campaigns, our service allows you to pinpoint all cell phone numbers in your list, preventing wasted time and campaign costs from sending text messages to landlines and VOIP numbers. Texting providers charge for all attempts, regardless of the phone type, making accurate phone type identification crucial.

The Line Type Phone Validation Service provides essential information, including Phone Type (Invalid, Landline, Cell-Wireless, Paging-Wireless, and VOIP), Country, State, Time Zone, and Daylight Savings Indicator.  View Sample Data HERE.

In today's fast-paced world, customers increasingly prefer SMS communication. However, distinguishing between mobile and landline numbers on your contact lists can be challenging. Our Line Type Validation Service helps you avoid sending text messages to office numbers and home landlines that result in wasted resources and increased marketing costs.

Perfect for marketers, compliance departments, IT departments, and all levels of an enterprise, this service can be utilized in call centers, marketing campaigns, lead collection, customer communication, and various other applications.

Additionally, the service identifies Valid or Invalid numbers, proving invaluable for filtering out invalid numbers from your data list.

Please note that the Line Type Validation Service is compatible with US and Canada numbers only.
  NOTE:  Line Type accuracy is approximately 95% accurate due to about 5% of numbers that are ported between landline and wireless providers. Phone Number Validation Service does not provide DNC (Do Not Call) list scrubbing.   

Line Type Number Verification Service
Pay as You go Service - NO Monthly Subscription Fees


Package Credits

Cost Per Validation

Cost for Package

  5,000 Validations 0.01 Cents $50  
  10,000 Validations 0.008 Cents $80  
  20,000 Validations 0.006 Cents $120  
  50,000 Validations 0.003 Cents $150  
  100,000 Validations 0.0018 Cents $180  
  200,000 Validations 0.0011 Cents $220  
  300,000 Validations 0.00083 Cents $250  
  500,000 Validations 0.0006 Cents $300  
  750,000 Validations 0.000466 Cents $350  
  1,000,000 Validations 0.0004 Cents $400  
  2,500,000 Validations 0.0002 Cents $500  
  5,000,000 Validations 0.00014 Cents $700  
  10,000,000 Validations 0.0001 Cents $1,000  


Phone Number Validation Service


SMS Preference and Accurate Phone Number Validation for Efficient Campaigns

Customers increasingly prefer SMS communication, but how can you differentiate between mobile and landline numbers on your contact lists? You don't want to waste resources sending text messages to office numbers and home landlines that yield no results and only increase your campaign and marketing costs.

Our Phone Number Validation Service is the ideal solution for marketers, compliance departments, IT departments, and all levels of an enterprise to use in call centers, marketing campaigns, lead collection, customer communication, and various other applications.

Phone Number Validation empowers users to clean their data, identifying the phone type and numerous other data points related to the phone numbers in your list. The service provides phone type (landline vs. wireless and VOIP), along with landline and wireless carriers, city, state, country, and time zone. View Sample Data HERE.

Additionally, the service identifies whether the number(s) are valid or invalid, ensuring optimal data accuracy.

Phone Number Validation is compatible with US and Canada numbers only.

If your needs primarily revolve around identifying phone types in your list (Invalid, Landline, Cell-Wireless, Paging-Wireless, and VOIP), consider our "Line Type Phone Validation Service" (mentioned earlier) for a more cost-effective validation option.

  NOTE:  Phone Type accuracy is approximately 95% accurate due to about 5% of numbers that are ported between landline and wireless providers.  Landline Carriers are approximately 97% accurate due to a small percentage of people that transfer their home number to different landline carriers.  Wireless Carrier accuracy is approximately 85% accurate due to porting between carriers.  Phone Number Validation Service does not provide DNC (Do Not Call) list scrubbing.   

Phone Number Validation Service - Pay as You go Service
NO Monthly Subscription Fees


Package Credits

Cost Per Validation

Cost for Package

  2,500 Validations 0.024 Cents $60  
  5,000 Validations 0.02 Cents $100  
  10,000 Validations 0.018 Cents $180  
  20,000 Validations 0.016 Cents $320  
  50,000 Validations 0.014 Cents $700  
  100,000 Validations 0.01 Cents $1,000  
  200,000 Validations 0.006 Cents $1,200  
  400,000 Validations 0.0035 Cents $1,400  
  600,000 Validations 0.00266 Cents $1,600  
  750,000 Validations  0.0024 Cents $1,800  
  1,000,000 Validations 0.002 Cents $2,000  
  2,500,000 Validations 0.015 Cents $3,750  
  5,000,000 Validations 0.0012 Cents $6,000  

Caller ID - Telco Switch Data

  Maximize Lead Data Accuracy with Our Caller ID Information Service

Our Caller ID Information Service offers a valuable tool for enhancing the quality and relevance of your phone lists. Its unique feature of delivering Caller ID information enables you to verify and validate your lead data with ease.

This service is particularly useful when your list only contains phone numbers. By obtaining Caller ID information prior to contacting your leads, you can address prospects by name during outbound calling campaigns, creating a more personalized and engaging experience.

If your lead data already includes consumer or business names, accessing Caller ID information serves as an essential tool for validating your lead data's accuracy.

Fields provided include: Phone Number, CName (Caller ID), Valid, Location, Country, and Time Zone.

View Sample Data HERE.

Having the name associated with the phone number helps combat fraud and allows you to concentrate on engaging with real people. Our single number lookup tool makes this process simple, letting you check numbers on the fly and streamline your lead verification efforts.

Identify Status, Line Type and Caller ID  - Pay as You go Service
NO Monthly Subscription Fees

Package Credits

Cost Per Validation

Cost for Package

  500 Validations 0.10 Cents $50  
  1,000 Validations 0.09 Cents $90  
  2,000 Validations 0.07 Cents $140  
  4,000 Validations 0.05 Cents $200  
  10,000 Validations 0.04 Cents $400  
  20,000 Validations 0.03 Cents $600  
  40,000 Validations 0.02 Cents $800  

100,000 Validations and Above are 0.01 Cents Each ($1,000)


Want to Help TCPA Lawyers and Serial Litigators Get Rich?
(Just keep calling Previous Litigants...)


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